At Kadota we will get your financial affairs into shape – We will listen to you and identify your financial goals. It is our mission to give you peace of mind and financial security. We will do this by mapping out a plan for your money whilst helping you develop wise financial habits.

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Here are our core advice services


We will work with you to create a realistic and achievable goal for the lifestyle you wish to live in retirement. We will guide you into retirement so you are in the best possible situation when the time comes. Our aim is to answer all of your questions, whether that be; figuring out how much money you need in your super, how long your money will last, what Centrelink benefits you are entitled to, investment advice and maximizing your tax benefits. The earlier you start thinking, planning and developing good habits before retirement, the better position you can leave yourself in.


Have you ever thought what might happen if something were to happen to yourself or your partner? If things were to go wrong the last thing you would want is a financial strain on your family. At Kadota we will plan the cover you need in the unfortunate incidence of death, total permanent disablement and/or critical illness. With such a broad range of products being offered on the market it is difficult to understand what is best for you. We help simplify this process and provide you with quality insurance cover that will protect you and your family financially.


Whether you are experienced or a beginner investing money, there are a number of steps that we can help you to make to help you save your money and keep it safe. We will help you teach you some of the principals of investing, that includes assessing your tolerance to risk and choosing a risk profile. We will then choose investments that fit your needs and life stage. Once we have laid down the foundation, we can watch your money grow making the necessary changes along the way.


Your superannuation will most likely be one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. We can help provide you on a wide range of advice, including deciding where to invest, managing your contributions and consolidating your funds. Building your superannuation will help build a solid foundation for when retirement comes.


Kadota is here to help you save, budget and manage your debt. We can provide you with a solid plan for the many things in life that may come. Events such as buying that new car you want, purchasing the family home, having a baby, going on a holiday can all be planned for. By having an action plan to manage your money, we can help you achieve these events whilst tackling some of the financial challenges and stress involved.

Here’s how it works.

Come in for a chat

In this free meeting we will discuss where you are at and what your short term, medium term & long term financial goals are. Coffee is on us!

Advice & Implement

Based on your goals, we will develop a comprehensive strategy to work towards achieving these goals. Our administration team will then work with you to action the advice.

Manage & Track

You have the option of engaging us on an ongoing basis. This way you will get a regular review of your circumstances and we can work to make changes as you go through life.


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